Lucknow zoo

Lucknow Zoo The Lucknow Zoo, established in 1921. Early, The name of this zoo was Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden and, was also known as ‘Prince of Wales Zoological Garden’ because of the visit of the Prince of Wales to Lucknow. This splendid zoo covers a vast area of 7.16 acres. Many different species …

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Chota Imambara

Chota Imambara Chota Imambara is situated at a centre of lucknow city and was built by Muhammad Ali Shah. Muhammad Ali Shah was the Nawab of Awadh in 1838.This monument built as an imambara or a congrgation hall for shia Muslims. It is also known as Imambara Hussainabad Mubarak. Chota Imambara was near Bada Imamabara. The …

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Bara Imambara

Bara Imambara Bara Imambara was built by Asaf-ud-Daula, Nawab of Awadh in 1784. “Bara” is an Arabic word which means big. It was said that there are 1024 ways to reach the top (terrace) of Imambara but only two ways to come down from it. According to history, it is an accidental architectonic. The construction …

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